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Life Without Autocorrect

Hi all,

Happy new year! Wishing you all an awesome new year filled with all God’s best for you.

Please excuse the loooooong duration since a blog post. The last time I blogged was ….. AUGUST 2017! O dear. Anyway, let’s start the new year as we intend to go on.

So, I’ve been using my phone without autocorrect for the last few months and it has flown by. Surprisingly. It has been one of the easiest and most difficult decisions at the same time.

My decision was inspired by my sister who had done the same thing first. Life without autocorrect has meant I need to sound out certain words I am unsure of previously when autocorrect would have supported me. If I couldn’t remember how to spell a word, I would put in the few letters I could recall and let autocorrect do the job. Now I have to figure it out myself. I think my spelling has improved because of it (not that it was particularly bad before).


Being without autocorrect has made me realise how easy it has been to just rely on autocorrect. It has made me lazy in that regard. It also makes me wonder about other things I do that are in fact making me lazy. Autocorrect in itself is great. But when it means my ability to spell certain words is slowly eroding away, something must be done. I wonder if I will ever use autocorrect again.

Until next time (which should be soon!)

Memoirs of a Yoruba Girl


My Story is available for download!

Hi all,

I’m quite excited to write this post today. For anyone who may have had a look around the “Memoirs Of A Yoruba Girl” blog, you will know I dabble in fictional writing from time to time.

My writing journey started with a story on this blog with a post titled the “The Colour Red” in around 2011/2012. (Here’s the link in case you wanted to read it )

At the start of 2015, I set myself a number of goals, one of which was to write a book. As the title indicates, the book now exists and is ready for download via Amazon Kindle. I hope and pray that by God’s grace, this will be the first of many.

Please kindly pop along to the Amazon Website via the link below.


Download, read, enjoy and give me your honest feedback. Most importantly, please share!

Hoping to hear from you

Memoirs Of A Yoruba Girl


Letter To My Childhood Sweetheart

This is a letter to my childhood sweetheart. Read it to the end , I’m sure you’ll really like it.


Letter To My Childhood Sweetheart

It was great seeing you today, after not seeing you for ages. It was amazing how you had changed , you looked older but you still looked youthful at the same time, I guess it’s a little hard to describe. I felt ashamed that you saw me the way I was, but you were never judgemental.
I saw you walking down the street with a really pretty girl. You always had loads of friends even before we became friends.

We’ve known each other as long as I can remember. My mum and dad knew your dad for a long time so we automatically became friends.
You were my first and best play mate. We would spend hours playing in the streets , riding bikes and knocking doors. Mum and dad let you sleep over so many times, it was almost as if you lived with us. The sleepovers used to be so much fun. We would stay up all night telling stories and making each other laugh until our little tummies hurt. I thought we would be together forever. It was my new friends that came between us. It’s sad now I think about it. You wanted me to stay away from them, but I didnt want to hear any of it.

Eventually, we just grew apart. We never spent time together anymore, I always cancelled on you last minute to do something else. The little time we did spend together was rushed and insincere on my part. I was a terrible friend. I knew you still really wanted to speak to me and see me, but I just didnt have the time anymore. I guess you wanted the old me back. Looking back, I guess I felt a bit guilty for treating you so badly was why I couldn’t admit I was wrong.

I still always invited you to family functions because it would have been weird you not being there. You were always at my birthday parties, at Christmas parties, family BBQ’s and any other mundane family function. I guess you were like family to me. It did become more and more awkward though because all we would say was hi and bye. I could see in your eyes you wanted to say so much more but you never forced it. It was as if you were waiting on me to make up my mind.

Church was your favourite. You made me love church and Sunday school. You always knew all the answers and you never wanted to go home. I guess because your dad was in charge of everything was why you loved going so much.

I really regret how I treated you and seeing you brought back all the old feelings. All you ever wanted was to love me. You wanted to soothe away the stress of my day and whisper sweet nothings in my ears. But I never had the time.

I realise now that I have always loved you. From the first time we played outside together, I knew I would always love you. You were and will always be my childhood sweetheart.

You know about my husband, my kids and my job. I don’t know how my husband might feel about it but I guess I have to be true to my heart, whatever happens. Jesus Christ, lover of my soul, my childhood sweetheart, can we pick up from where we left off?

Yours Truly,

A old friend that really misses you

Hope you guys enjoyed that. The idea for this short letter came because I realise a lot of christians have known or known about Jesus for ages but have only developed meaningful relationships with him as they have grown up, a bit like a childhood sweetheart. Hope you enjoyed this. Let me know what you thought of it.


Until next time
Memoirs Of A Yoruba Girl

The 2nd Edition!

hey hey, Here I am again! After all the reviews I got on the 1st Edition of the love story, I’ve been hard at work with the 2nd edition. Now it is faaar from finished, but it has made some interesting developments. It is becoming a full fledged story, *exhales deeply*. When I sat in front of my laptop today to start working, I realised the mammoth task I had taken on. I was trying, through my story, to convey how Jesus felt. I felt overwhelmed, and I almost backed out. “God, I can’t do this”. Well I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, (Y). So I’ve been typing, deleting, retyping and researching for the 2nd ed. Its alot longer than last time, there are a few new parts and some other parts I haven’t touched, but for today, I’m tired man! LOL. After 4 hours or more of sitting and typing (with conditioner in my hair, LOL #natural hair) I think I should continue another day. Again I want all your HONEST and CRITICAL reviews as you read (be nice). Only God knows where this story is headed but I’m privledged to bring it to you. So here it is (drum roll), The Love Story, the 2nd Edition! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Love Story – 2nd Edition [All Rights Reserved]

(All bible quotations are given in italics and come from with either the Message or The New King James Translations of the Bible)

Blood. Everywhere. In my hair, dripping down my face, gushing from my back, everywhere. The pain was intense. So intense I could have just given up and died. I wanted to, I really did, but I couldn’t, not yet. Why? Because of the aura. The whip on my back was torture. The metal balls that were attached to the whip tenderised my flesh, bruising me, as if a piece of meat, while the hooks and broken bones ripped my flesh as they left my skin. The roman soldiers had stripped me and tied me to an upright post, so they could scourge me very well. The morning sun had begun to increase in its heat, as the day neared afternoon. This however did not deter the audience that had gathered. The soldiers revisited my wounds with more lashings of the whip. Two of them whipped me, reopening the already deep wounds, causing blood to gush from my back, even pulling my flesh away from body, causing it to hang off me. Tears streamed down my face, whether from the shame of being stripped naked in front of the audience or the agony I was subject to, I could not tell. As the intensity of the whips increased, the flow of my tears could not being stemmed.
In my agony, I looked to the heavens, remembering a time, aeons past, when I was home, seated, next to my father, in a place so beautiful. So beautiful it could not be comprehended. A place that was never spoken into being, it had always been, just as my father and I. His face was distraught, something that didn’t happen often. “Father, what’s wrong?” I asked, wondering if I could help. Then I focused on what he was looking at, he was looking towards the earth, a new planet we had created. The homosapiens we had formed from the soil were talking to someone, or something. But they were not talking to each other; they were talking to the serpent, that old serpent, the devil, Lucifer. Well Eve was talking and Adam wasn’t, that was the problem. The serpent, such a complicated creature. He had been a heavenly being once upon a time not too long ago.

“Glory! Honour! Be unto the King who sits on the throne, both now and forever more! Amen!” The hosts of Heaven bowed and worshipped, with melodious harmonies that encircled the throne and filled the heavens. Father simply smiled. As the heavenly congregation worshipped, they basked in the Glory of God, the warmth of his love, and the awesomeness of his presence. The melodious harmonies were orchestrated by the Son of the morning, Lucifer. Life here was beautiful. There was never night and darkness was unheard of. The heavens were filled with all manner of heavenly beings. Cherubim angels, Seraphim angels and Archangels were numbered among the heavenly hosts. There were three archangels; Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer. They were so similar but so different. Michael was our warrior archangel; Gabriel was our messenger angel while Lucifer was the Son of the morning, who took care of the beautiful music in the heavenly realms. As the morning time of worship came to a close, we looked upon the heavenly hosts, and blessed them. Nothing came to close to the feeling of being appreciated by the beings you had created with your own hands. “Thank you for spending this time with me to worship me o hosts of heaven. You are all free to continue with your duties and pursuits of the day. our grace overshadows you, our love encompasses you and our mercy is ever present for you, may your free will always choose us, the only lover of your soul”.

The three archangels left the throne room walked together through the heavenly gardens. The weather was beautiful, with just enough sunlight to warm the ground the angels walked on and just enough breeze to keep them cool, just perfect. “Lucifer, you look especially handsome this morning” Gabriel gushed. “Thanks, I do don’t I” Lucifer replied, smiling. “What did you think of the worship this morning?” Lucifer asked while studying himself. “It was amazing!” Gabriel replied. “Father seemed especially pleased with the arrangement of the songs this morning”. “Of course he would be pleased; I wrote all those songs myself you know”. Gabriel seemed awed, while Michael rolled his eyes. Michael was rather a serious angel, and paid little attention to the dialogue. “Why the long face, Warrior of heaven?” Lucifer enquired, still studying himself. “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. Michael’s face suddenly lit up. Lucifer and Gabriel looked at each other knowingly; Michael wasn’t one to hide his emotions. “Guess what I heard, when I was on my way to the throne room this morning? Father has decided to create a new race”. “Oh really?” Lucifer and Gabriel both seemed genuinely interested. “Yes, the exciting thing is that he is going to make them in his own image, imagine that!”. Gabriel seemed excited at this; Lucifer’s reaction however was not quite the same. “In his image you say, why would Father do that?” Michael continued on, not noticing Lucifer’s demeanour “I don’t really know too many details, but from what I heard, God is creating them because he wants to, he wants to fellowship with them, how amazing right?”. Gabriel nodded his agreement vehemently. Lucifer didn’t agree. “Why would he create beings to worship him, aren’t we all good enough for him, am I not good enough for him?” Gabriel and Micheal looked at Lucifer, shocked at his response. “Why do you talk like this Son of the morning? Our father is all knowing, all seeing and all powerful, he is free to do as he pleases. Aren’t you happy there will now be more of us to worship the I am?” Micheal asked. “Happy? I feel betrayed actually. Creatures in his likeness to worship him? How insulting” he snarled. “What other creature’s worship can compare to the worship I give to him? I the son of the morning, the most beautiful Archangel, the father himself calls me “the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty” “. “I can’t believe this! As long as I’m around, this can’t happen! You both just wait and see”. Lucifer stormed off while Gabriel and Michael called after him with no avail.

I looked on in horror as the serpent fed Eve the lies that eased off his tongue. “Do I understand that God told you not to eat from any tree in the garden?” my heart sank, and as the Alpha and Omega, my father, I and our holy spirit knew what would happen as this conversation continued. “Not at all, we can eat from the trees in the garden. It’s only about the tree in the middle of the garden that God said, ‘don’t eat from it; don’t even touch it or you’ll die.'” It was as if my heart could not sink any further. We had never ever once told Eve she could not touch the tree, only not to eat the fruit from it. “You won’t die. God knows that the moment you eat from that tree, you’ll see what’s really going on. You’ll be just like God, knowing everything, ranging all the way from good to evil.” Why wasn’t Adam saying anything, he just looked on, as if in a trance.

Worship continued in heaven as normal. However, everything this morning was far from normal. The worship the son of the morning rendered was merely lip service. He spoke and sang things he heart disagreed with. It was not as if the Father and I didn’t know what was happening, we chose to say nothing. As the worship of that morning came to a close, the father and I prayed over the hosts of heaven as normal. We also announced that we had some important news to share. We had decided to unveil our new creations. The heavenly host gathered for the important news later on that afternoon. “Thank you for gracing us with your attendance loved ones. If you look out into the Galaxies, just some distance below us, you will notice a new planet”. Everybody ooed and ahhed at the planet. “Its beautiful father” Micheal commented. “What is it called?” was the question on everybody’s lips. We had Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and several other planets. “Earth”, that was the name we had chosen. The applause from the hosts signalled their agreement at our choice. “You all here are our privileged audience this afternoon; today we will form the first man”. The applause seemed louder, but it not everyone here seemed happy too hear this. Father reached down, and picked up some soil from the ground of earth. The angels looked at each other, wondered what the father was trying to do. The father took the soil, and began to shape it. It became as clay in his hands. He shaped it, paying attention to every little detail. Once he finished, he laid him down, and everybody came to look on the creation called man. The angels were enthralled. “Father, he just looks like you, yet he looks different!” Father smiled. “Is he asleep?” the questions of the angels filtered around in the heavens. Father picked him up again, staring at his creation. He took a deep breath in and breathed out into the man. The man’s chest started to rise and fall in a rhythmic fashion. Colour started to appear on his face, though his eyes remained close. He looked asleep. His eyes began to flutter and opened slowly. The applause at this point was deafening. Lucifer and a large group of the angels however had stepped away from the marvelling throng and began to leave the throne room, with mixed emotions of anger, sadness, and even disgust. The father continued to look upon the man, whose eyes were now fully open. God looked upon him, smiling “Your name will be Adam, for you are made in my image, and formed you from the soil”. “Thank you father” Adam replied. The heavenly host look on, amazed as Adam fellowshipped with the Father. The father then picked him up and placed him on the planet earth, and sat back, happy, content. Lucifer looked over at Adam, and jealously welled up inside him. He stormed off and the separated group of angels followed after.
Days had past since the creation of Adam. I sensed unrest in the Father. As we watched Adam in the Garden, as he played with animals it was if the area around him glowed. It was his hue of innocence, his aura. Adam had become a very dutiful workman, tending to the earth. Adam seemed to enjoy life on earth and he loved the time we all spent together. But at times, it seemed he was lonely. Being the Omniscient God that the father, he wanted Adam to be happy, all the time. So God formed from the dirt of the ground all the animals of the field and all the birds of the air. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them. Whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name. Adam did a great job with the animals but he didn’t find a suitable companion. Father had an interesting idea. He breathed on the man , and Adam fell into a deep sleep.

Then Eve looked at the tree, the tree of good and evil, the tree of choice. As she looked at it, there was a change in her; she looked at it through the eyes of deceit, which Lucifer had given to her. She reached up, and picked the fruit. Adam still said nothing. Eve looked at the fruit, and then greedily bit into it. With the juices still running down her face she offered some to Adam, who also took a bite. And then it happened. As if by magic, their aura, their hue of innocence disappeared, instantly. I looked on in despair as they realised their nakedness and made futile attempts to cover themselves.
I looked upon the face of my father, the great I Am, and I saw hurt in his eyes, like nothing I’d seen before. It was as if he had lost a friend. In a split second, we were in the garden, the beautiful young Eden. Father called out to Adam, “where are you?” Father called out, but he knew where they were. “I heard you in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked. And I hid” was Adams reply. ‘’Who told you you were naked? My heart bled as I thought of Adam and Eve. Our unique creations, made in our image, formed in our likeness. Could we again have the fellowship we shared in Eden? And their aura, the glow? What would happen I dreaded. My mind raced through several ideas, in desperation to save them.
Father, was so full of love, and his love made him a just judge. If a crime was committed, the human mind would expect a judge to judge the criminal guilty. Why? Because that was what he was, guilty. Father God was and still is the most just judge, and Adam and Eve had stepped out the beautiful innocence and taken themselves and all their offspring that would ever come into the earth into a defiled state of being guilty. And the judgement of sin was a scary one, a most terrifying one, Death,, Eternal separation from God.
‘’Did you eat from that tree I told you not to eat from?” Father’s voice brought me back to the here and now. “The Woman you gave me as a companion, she gave me fruit from the tree, and, yes, I ate it.” Father looked at the one who he created, his 1st daughter, “What is this that you’ve done?”, the pain that resonated from his voice was heart shattering. My heart raced through possibilities, anything to save my beautiful ones, anything. “The serpent seduced me,” she said, “and I ate.” Father God was going to give everyone a just punishment and he started with Lucifer, the son of morning “Because you’ve done this, you’re cursed, cursed beyond all cattle and wild animals, Cursed to slink on your belly and eat dirt all your life” my mind still raced , then an idea came to me. I couldn’t bear to lose my children, the beautiful ones to Lucifer; I would do anything, anything at all. Even if I could give myself for the death required of them, I would, whatever it took. Father and our holy spirit looked at me, as they thought about my idea. “I’m declaring war between you and the Woman, between your offspring and hers. He’ll wound your head, you’ll wound his heel”. I was the woman’s offspring that Father God talked about. That meant that he had agreed. I was to become a man, and was to be born of a woman. And I would have to die. I glimpsed the future. What a horrible death awaited me. I was willing to die, just to save my beautiful ones, and all the other beautiful ones to come.

Another lash of the torturous whip brought me back to now. The death I had glimpsed so many aeons ago was but a few more steps away. This roman soldiers who whipped me, he whipped me with an almost demonic passion, I groaned in pain. Hate was ugly. Little did he know that he was another of my created ones, just like Adam was, and his aura was missing as well. “That’s enough!”, I heard a voice scream behind me. “put his clothes back on for him and lets gets this crucifixion started!”. They both jeered as the solider, my own one, roughly forced my clothes over my head. The clothes grated against the fresh open wounds on my back, I cried out in pain. My heart was heavy, but this heaviness was not my own. It was Father Lord and the Holy Spirit observing me in my pitiful state. We as a triune being knew this was necessary, to save them. They both continued to watch me. My whole body ached; I struggled to move, after being tied up for so long. Three soldiers brought the cross, my altar of sacrifice towards me. A pungent smell came off of it as it got closer to me. The smell was a mix of sweat, urine, excretory materials, and blood. The soldiers must have used this cross in crucifying several others before me. The smell made me want to hurl. It was simply criminal. The soldiers placed the cross on my back and I buckled under its weight. The soldiers gladly helped me up. This was one death they were all excited to see, they would get to see the man, who claimed be God humiliated and then die the most shameful of deaths. The soldiers led me and I tried so hard to follow, I took a few steps, which were simply torturous. I took another step and buckled again. The cross slammed across my back, I screamed out in agony. It was so hard, every physical part of my body ached and I was exhausted. The high council had questioned me all night, in a bid to find something, anything to sentence me to death for.

“What can we kill this man for?” one priest asked. “He’s a blasphemer! We can kill him for that, I’m sure”. Caiaphas the chief priest agreed, “yes, we all know that lying carpenter is a blasphemer, but we need concrete evidence to sentence him to death, otherwise people will call us wicked”. The high priests and the members of the Jewish councils all nodded vehemently, in full agreement. “I’ll send one of my house helps to pay someone who will pretend to be a witness”. The helper was gone for hours, and came back, fruitless. “Please sir, several people agreed but no one had a concrete story” Caiaphas was livid. Caiaphas and the other high priests, and the Jewish council members looked on at Me. A mix of anger, hate and pride all radiated from their eyes. Caiaphas looked me right in the eye, “how dare you, a mere man, not even a handsome man at that, call yourself God?” I simply said nothing. “Answer me!!”. Just as Caiaphas stood up to confront me, two men walked into his courtyard. “And who are you?” he asked. “We are here to witness against him”. I continued to look on, not saying anything. “We heard him say he would destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days”. Caiaphas looked happy, extremely. He look back at me and asked “Well, aren’t you going to answer these charges? What do you have to say for yourself?”, still I said nothing. “I demand in the name of the living God—tell us if you are the Messiah, the Son of God”. How ironic, he knew about my father, he had heard about him, read about him, talked about him, but he didn’t know him personally, because if he did he would know about me. “You have said it. And in the future you will see the Son of Man seated in the place of power at God’s right hand and coming on the clouds of heaven”. That was the final straw for him and I knew it. He was absolutely livid. He tore at his clothes. “Blasphemy! Why do we need other witnesses? You have all heard his blasphemy, what is your verdict?” I looked at him, I already knew my verdict. I knew it long before he was even a thought in his mother and fathers mind, talk less of being in his mother’s womb, but still I said nothing. “Guilty! He deserves to die!” was the verdict the crowd gave on my behalf. Some of them spat at him, and some even punched me with their fists and mocked me. My heart, one with the Father’s and the Holy Sprit’s asked for forgiveness on their behalf, because they didn’t know what they where doing.

On the hard gravel floor, I lay, with the cross on my back, tormenting my fresh wounds, in the agonising sun, simply unable to stand. It must have been noon by now. “Stand up!” I heard someone say. I tried, o how I tried. When the soldiers saw I just couldn’t stand up, they grabbed a man from the crowd, a Cyrene to carry it for me. I looked into his eyes, it was Simon, and he was another of my created ones. Love welled up in my heart as I look upon Simon, another who had lost his aura. Simon picked up the cross on his own back, and the soldiers pulled me up.
I walked very slowly, every step more agonising than the last. As I walked next to Simon the roar of the crowd that followed us was almost deafening. The journey was not much longer now. Simon looked at me. I could see the weight and the discomfort of the cross on his back. I reached out and touched him “I love you Simon, thank you for carrying my cross”. Simon smiled and we continued to walk. Soon we reached Golgotha, the place of the skull. It had this name because it looked like a skull. Simon put down the cross, and stepped back.

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