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Not everyday DIY 

Happy new year 

Hope christmas and new years celebrations have been enjoyable and a fun time with family.

I am the biggest DIY advocate ever. In the era of YouTube and Google, what do you need a professional for? I have used YouTube for a number of things most especially related to hair. That includes styling, reviews, tutorials and a host of other things.

That was until I went for a professional hair consultation. I learnt so much in the few hours I was with the hair consultant I saw. Although she told me a number of things I already knew, because I saw her, she could actually look at my hair and assess it in a way I just couldn’t have done alone. 

This I guess may not be applicable to everyone as some people are more hands on than others but we can’t be experts in  everything. It’s impossible to be equally good at everything. The focus, time and practice it will take to be a pro in one particular area cannot be replicated for all other areas. It’s actually impossible 🙄. Why not then go to see someone who has the expertise in the area you are not so strong. Remember the saying “jack of all trades, master of none”. That being said I am still a DIY diehard, but I’m not afraid to ask for help.

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Memoirs Of A Yoruba Girl 

The Things They Did Not Tell You about Going Natural


I’m natural (as the title has given away). In my personal opinion, all being natural means is that I’ve have ceased to used relaxers, allowing my hair to grow out in its natural texture

Okay, when I went natural, there wasn’t really much info on what to do. I made it up as I went along. Now however, YouTube and Google are you best friends for whatever information your heart desires.

Being natural for a few years has taught me a thing or two which I’ve decided to share with you all below;

1.You get out what you put in – while I wont argue that genetics determine the type of hair of you may have in terms of curl texture etc, I refuse to accept that genetics means you can’t have long hair, if that’s what you want. There are loads of external factors that impact of your hair and its growth, e.g. how much your hair grows a month, how often you wash your hair and so on.

2. Your hair may not look exactly like the Vlogger you follow on YouTube – Youtube is an amazing tool for learning about natural hair and all things related, but Youtube is someone’s opinion (in my opinion), it’s NOT always fact. The information on YouTube ,especially related to hair growth is not always backed by science, but tends to be taken as gospel. I think its important to do your own research and support you doing things with grounded evidence, not just what someone on you tube said. Thats like jumping off a bridge because someone said to.

3.Afro hair is NOT a different breed of hair. Hair is hair, full stop. Everyones hair shrinks when they wash it. Everyone’s hair gets dirty. Everyone’s hair can do with being conditioned regularly. While I love my natural hair I don’t think it means I’m suddenly in a superior elitist group.

4. People who relax their hair are NOT evil, they have a free choice. Some people will all but crucify you if you aren’t on the bandwagon. It’s not all that serious. The hair that grows from your head is not alive once it grows out of your scalp. That means you can theoretically do whatever you want to it.

5. If you cut your hair or trim it,You won’t die. Sometimes a trim can be good for you, though is doesn’t make you hair grow faster. Not much else to say really

6. Blowdrying your hair will not cause it to all fall out. Let’s be reasonable here. If you are blowdrying your hair on the highest settings everyday, expect a problem but otherwise a little heat every now and again should be ok.

I hope you’ve managed to see the humour in some of the stuff I’ve put on my list. Are there some you’ve noticed? Comment them below!

Until next time ,


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