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Coconut Oil – the BEST make up remover

Coconut oil is the best make up remover I have ever used, ever. It literally dissolves and breaks down the makeup and lifts it off your face. Looking at common make up items a lot of them contain oil and as we all well know water doesn’t dissolve oil, but oil dissolves oil, hence why coconut oil is such a good make up remover. Although coconut oil is my preference, I have used olive oil which worked just as well.
How to use oil to remove your make-up

You will need

  • Coconut oil
  • baby wipes/ make up wipes
  • Skin cleanser

1. Add some oil around your face, you want all of your face to be coated but not dripping with oil

2. Gently work the oil into the face, not forgetting the eyebrows, eyelashes and lips. Rub the oil in circular motions.

3. You should notice the oil on your face should begin to discolour, especially around your eyes (you may look like a panda when you are done 🐼)

4. Wipe off the make up and oil from your face using the wipe. Most (if not all) the makeup on your face should be gone by this point.

5. Proceed to wash your face as normal

This is a technique I use and would recommend to you too.

Try it and let me know how it goes.
Until next time 

Memoirs Of A Yoruba Girl 


The Make Up Struggle

Hi everyone

This is just a random posts on my personal thoughts on make up.


I think makeup is great. When applied CORRECTLY it has the ability to transform plain Jane into Cinderella at the ball. It’s difficult to pinpoint but it has a way of beautifying a person when done well. It does however have the potential to take someone in the opposite direction.

Makeup application and usage is actually a skill. A skill that takes practice and honing.


In my normal day to day life , I tend to not wear makeup, more out of laziness than anything else. There’s also a small part of me that fears if I wear makeup too often, I’ll become trapped behind it and have to keep wearing it.

Is make up bad? The name itself is interesting. “Make up” indicates making up for something you don’t have. Isn’t this potentially putting forward a false front? The scariest thing by far is some of the before and after make up pictures, especially when the difference is so stark.


These are my personal thoughts. I still would gladly wear it though (and do).

What do you think? Is make up actually to make up for something you don’t have? Or is it to enhance what you already have?

Until next time
Memoirs Of A Yoruba Girl

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