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Book of the Month (March 2017)

When this book was first released, it was surrounded by a lot of buzz and still is. I was curious about the life and story of Toke Makinwa so I decided to read the story. The book for the month of March 2017 is On Becoming by Toke Makinwa.

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The book is a biography about Toke Makinwa’s life up to this point. She talks about her life experiences from childhood, the tragic loss of her parents and  the breakdown of her very famous and public marriage. She uses her story to share key lessons on life and relationships in a candid way.

The Book’s Description

Toke never envisaged that she would be a successful media personality. She began her journey as a bubbly child but grew into a lonely teenager after the devastating loss of both her parents. For so long after, it seemed as though she would never find herself.
On Becoming is the real Toke Makinwa telling us what it is like to be one of the most talked about celebrities in Nigeria. She reveals the truth behind her 14-year relationship with the man she finally married. A marriage that ended
in an atrocious scandal that nearly brought her to her knees.
In the wake of the peaks and troughs that characterise Toke’s experiences, she now shares her struggle with blinding betrayal, finding forgiveness and drawing strength from her faith in God.

On Becoming is Toke’s journey through pain to victory.


It was interesting to get to know a bit about the person behind the name. Toke Makinwa is a private person so although she is a socialite, there isn’t that much we know about her apart from the information she has made available about herself. I found the parts she shared about her childhood and about her parent’s very open and honest.

I also appreciated her honesty in sharing the things she did about her marriage relationship because some of the things she shared are things that are very private and people would often want to remain that way.


I would have liked to know more about her career journey to success.  As I touched on earlier, Toke Makinwa is someone that is private and only shares things about herself that she wishes to. I feel there would be a lot of useful knowledge to glean from her career story. Although she did touch on it very slightly when she talks about staying in London for some time, she doesn’t really explore this more.

At times, it felt it little like the story jumped from one topic to another, kind of losing us on the way there.


  1. Do not ignore the red flags! While reading Toke’s story, it became clear there were behavioural patterns that were repeatedly displayed by Maje.  It would have saved Toke a lot of heart ache had she have paid attention to the flags.
  2. Do unto others as you would have them do to you – from Toke’s account of her experience, it doesn’t appear as though Maje considered Toke’s feelings much. I am apprehensive to completely say that because there are always two sides to a story and we have not heard Maje’s side. It may completely flip the script.
  3. Love is powerful and very addictive – love clearly can make a person do things they wouldn’t have dreamt possible. Toke shares how she started using creams to lighten her skin to make her appeal more to her then spouse
  4. In the multitude of counsellors there is safety – Toke shares that a number of people warned her about her relationship with Maje and went as far as to say even his own sister warned her. There is definitely truth to the scripture in Proverbs 11:14.


Hope you enjoyed my review; do let me know if you read it yourself

Until next time

Memoirs of a Yoruba Girl


Book Review: The Chronicles Of Brothers By Wendy Alec

Hey there

This is a review on a series of books I read under the collective title of The Chronicles of Brothers. The book series is Christian fiction (also described as fantasy fiction) and is based on Lucifer, angel Michael and angel Gabriel as the focal characters. It begins from when Lucifer was still an angel in heaven through to his rebellion and expulsion from heaven and right through to Armageddon. The series currently has 4 books. There are still three to be written (I think) so the series isn’t yet complete. The story is fictionalised but is based on biblical facts of things that have happened and things that are yet to happen.

Of the four available books, I have read the 1st “The Fall of Lucifer”, the 2nd “The First Judgement” and the 3rd “Son of Perdition”. I will be shortly purchasing the 4th “A Pale Horse”.

The author, Wendy Alec is the co-founder of the God TV channels. The books will also be turned in movies though this is still in the early stages.

My Review

Wendy Alec’s descriptive language is mind blowing. The words she uses to describe the characters and the situations is second to none and it transports you right into the story. There are a few stories running parallel to each other within the series. The stories are both easy to follow as individual stories and the way the two stories are later intertwined is seamless.

I will agree that the front cover illustrations, especially on the 3rd and 4th book may not be to everybody’s taste, I like how they tie in with the main points within the story. I picked up the 1st book from a bookstore and the other two from Amazon/eBay. I will be picking up the fourth from there as well.

From a Christian perspective, its really nice to get a story which gives a “behind the scenes” view of what was going on before the fall of man and in the run up to “end times” – of course it is fiction but even still. The language Wendy Alec uses really resonates and through her descriptive language you see yourself in the story and can really identify with it. From a literary point of view, the books will have you hooked from cover to and cover and scrambling to purchase the next one. I would recommend these books as I thoroughly enjoyed them and will definitely read them again.

I have been reading a lot of Amazon kindle books of late and will soon review those as well.

Any comments? Drop them in the box below, 🙂

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