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Book of the Month (March 2017)

When this book was first released, it was surrounded by a lot of buzz and still is. I was curious about the life and story of Toke Makinwa so I decided to read the story. The book for the month of March 2017 is On Becoming by Toke Makinwa.

 Credit to Linda Ikeji’s blog for the image

Credit to Amazon for this image 


The book is a biography about Toke Makinwa’s life up to this point. She talks about her life experiences from childhood, the tragic loss of her parents and  the breakdown of her very famous and public marriage. She uses her story to share key lessons on life and relationships in a candid way.

The Book’s Description

Toke never envisaged that she would be a successful media personality. She began her journey as a bubbly child but grew into a lonely teenager after the devastating loss of both her parents. For so long after, it seemed as though she would never find herself.
On Becoming is the real Toke Makinwa telling us what it is like to be one of the most talked about celebrities in Nigeria. She reveals the truth behind her 14-year relationship with the man she finally married. A marriage that ended
in an atrocious scandal that nearly brought her to her knees.
In the wake of the peaks and troughs that characterise Toke’s experiences, she now shares her struggle with blinding betrayal, finding forgiveness and drawing strength from her faith in God.

On Becoming is Toke’s journey through pain to victory.


It was interesting to get to know a bit about the person behind the name. Toke Makinwa is a private person so although she is a socialite, there isn’t that much we know about her apart from the information she has made available about herself. I found the parts she shared about her childhood and about her parent’s very open and honest.

I also appreciated her honesty in sharing the things she did about her marriage relationship because some of the things she shared are things that are very private and people would often want to remain that way.


I would have liked to know more about her career journey to success.  As I touched on earlier, Toke Makinwa is someone that is private and only shares things about herself that she wishes to. I feel there would be a lot of useful knowledge to glean from her career story. Although she did touch on it very slightly when she talks about staying in London for some time, she doesn’t really explore this more.

At times, it felt it little like the story jumped from one topic to another, kind of losing us on the way there.


  1. Do not ignore the red flags! While reading Toke’s story, it became clear there were behavioural patterns that were repeatedly displayed by Maje.  It would have saved Toke a lot of heart ache had she have paid attention to the flags.
  2. Do unto others as you would have them do to you – from Toke’s account of her experience, it doesn’t appear as though Maje considered Toke’s feelings much. I am apprehensive to completely say that because there are always two sides to a story and we have not heard Maje’s side. It may completely flip the script.
  3. Love is powerful and very addictive – love clearly can make a person do things they wouldn’t have dreamt possible. Toke shares how she started using creams to lighten her skin to make her appeal more to her then spouse
  4. In the multitude of counsellors there is safety – Toke shares that a number of people warned her about her relationship with Maje and went as far as to say even his own sister warned her. There is definitely truth to the scripture in Proverbs 11:14.


Hope you enjoyed my review; do let me know if you read it yourself

Until next time

Memoirs of a Yoruba Girl


Book of the month: January 2017

As you may or may not know, I am an avid reader though I haven’t read as much as I would have liked to over the last few months. With that being said, I’ve decided to start reading more and sharing with you what I’ve read in case in turns out you are looking for a good book too.
The book of the month for the month of January is “The Smart Money Woman: by Arese Ugwu

This was such a great book. It gives very practical financial tips in a way that is easy to relate to. It is a book I envision I will read over more than once though the first time I read it, the story was so interesting, I just wanted to find out what would happen.


It is a fictional story about a lady called Zuri who finds herself in a precarious financial position after a bit too much enjoying and not enough budgeting. We follow her story alongside a few of her friends as they learn valuable financial lessons that in turn improve their financial status. 

The book’s description;

Meet Zuri. She’s living a fabulous life. Great car, gorgeous apartment, well paid job. 

Meet Zuri. Broken down car, an apartment she cant afford, a job she’s about to lose. 

What’s a broke girl to do?

With her best friends Tami (the flighty fashion designer), Lara (the tough oil and gas executive), Adesuwa (the conservative lawyer), and Ladun (the fabulous housewife), Zuri grows a little, learns a lot and navigates her way to making better financial decisions and building wealth. 

This book tackles, debt, spending, the consumerist culture of the African middle class, the fear and misconceptions surrounding money and the lack of it, love, friendships, cultural and societal pressures and the roles they play in success. With each chapter comes a Smart Money Lesson, there to help you work your way up the financial ladder.


I liked that the author used a fictional (and quite interesting) story to help paint her picture and I also liked how the author has used the fiction to weave in key financial lessons which makes the book interesting and educational without being boring.

I think it does a great job of articulating key financial principles and is a great book for anyone who is taking an interest in financial education.


My only criticism is the way the story ends, which I felt was a bit sad. But given that I am a sucker for happy endings, this is probably why I think I felt this way.

I would have also liked more practical information on the investing portion, especially as a newbie investor. Some of information did seem geared to people who live and work in Nigeria which is fine, only that those of us across the pond want to invest too!

I think an accompanying workbook to go along with the story would be great.*UPDATE * An accompanying workbook is actually in the pipelines.


  1. Just because you have a well paid job, doesn’t mean you will automatically be wealthy. That takes some planning and money management 


Until next time 

Memoirs Of A Yoruba Girl 

Damilola Taylor, “Our Loved Boy” BBC programme review

I vividly remember around the time that Damilola Taylor passed away. I remember going to bed and laying on the top bunk of my bunk bed in the dark at about 10 years old and being able to not comprehend what had really happened. It was scary to think of someone so young dying that way. Damilola Taylor was born in 1989 and would have been only a little older than me.

Damilola Taylor was a few weeks shy of his 11th birthday when he was murdered in a completely unprovoked attack.  Even till today, it is still heartbreaking to think about what he went through.

So I was understandably interested to watch the show and learn more about Damilola Taylor before he came over to the UK.

The programme was based on the true life events that facilitated Damilola Taylor’s coming to the U.K and the events that happened after his demise.

My review 
I loved that they were able to bring some joy out of what remains a sad situation and I appreciated they allowed us to get to know who Damilola actually was. He was a dreamer and had high hopes for his future. The actor that played Damilola, Sammy Kamara brought out his playful and childish side excellently because that was what he was, a child. He did an amazing job of bringing his character to life, I felt I was able to actually get to know who Damilola was a little better. 

The actors chosen to play both Damilola and his family all did a great job of helping us to see a little into the Taylor family’s world, especially after loosing their son. I feel I was able to gain a bit more insight about them and the reasons they chose for bringing their family to the UK.

The most heart wrenching scene of the programme I felt was the phone call made by Damilola’s older brother Tunde to his father to break the news to him. The silence and the tears spoke great volumes. It was amazing acting on both parts and spoke of the great strength both of them had in the face of  great grief.

I appreciated the programme didn’t paint the family to be angels but allowed us to get a realistic picture of who they really were and the very really struggles they  would have gone through as a family trying to come to terms with loosing a loved one.

It is also great to know Damilola’s family decided to keep his legacy alive through the Damilola Taylor Community Centre. My prayer for the Taylor family is that God will heal their hearts and give them His peace.

Until next time 

Memoirs Of A Yoruba Girl 

Nollywood Movies, A Long Term Love Affair

“Nollywood is the Nigerian film industry which grew quickly in the 1990s and 2000s to become the second largest film industry in the world in number of annual film productions, placing it ahead of the United States and behind only Indian cinema.The Nigerian film industry is worth NG₦522 billion (US$3.5 billion) as at 2008” (Google)

An interesting fact “One of the first Nigerian movies to reach international renown was the 2003 release Osuofia in London, starring Nkem Owoh, the Nigerian comedic actor.”

The general consensus is that Nollywood as a movie industry “officially” started in 1992 with a film titled “Living in Bondage” by Kenneth Nnebue. This is agreed to be the “official” start as this was the first film that was on video cassette that was widely distributed. There were Nigerian films long before this, only they were not on video cassette. If you want a good bit of history, check out this article

The name “Nollywood” according to the African Courier started out as a derogatory term. “The name Nollywood actually came into existence in 1995 when some Americans looked at what we were producing and concluded that it was trash. You see, with what we did, they became afraid and threatened that their own movie industry was going to collapse. It was clear to the world that anybody could actually tell all these big-budget stories by using mere hand-held cameras. Therefore, those leading names in the big theatre and film equipment, production and marketing businesses became jittery that, if this local home video industry in Nigeria should continue, it would kill the big-budget film industry that was sustaining them. So, just like they have been doing to anything that comes out of Africa, they concluded that the emerging home video industry in Nigeria was nothing, not like Hollywood.” Oguejiofor continued: “So Nollywood stands for ‘Nothing’. It is an acronym for ‘Nothing Wood’. It was actually meant to be derogatory and uncomplimentary. But we decided to claim that nothingness and push it, and today they are wondering how nothing has suddenly turned out to become something that is colonising the entire world.”
Read the whole article here:

Nollywood films are definitely a staple for Nigerians, Africans and the world alike. I don’t think I have come across a Nigerian household that doesn’t watch Nigerian films even if not very often. I think many hold a love relationship with Nollywood while some hold a hate relationship with it. Nigerian films are in fact world famous. I’m sure you will agree that there are people you don’t expect to watch them that do, and thoroughly enjoy them. I think Nollywood is something for Nigerians and Africans alike to be proud of. The amount of films that are produced on a weekly basis far outweighs any other film market we know.

The Nollywood films most will come across are Igbo films as these are the ones that tend to be made in the English language.

My earliest memory of watching a Nigerian movie is watching a Yoruba movie at about 4/5 years old that was titled “Bukola Omo Daddy”. The only actor I can remember that was in the film is Mr Jide Kosoko. It had two parts though I never got to watch the second part. I remember watching this with my mum on more than one occasion. The story as I can vaguely remember it was a loose Romeo and Juliet story though the details are very sketchy in my mind.

My favourite Nollywood films at present (there are several) are Jenifa, Madam Dearest and Abeni.

Jenifa because this was such a funny film that was different to anything we had seen for a long while. I will admit there were a few scenes I skipped (the ritual bits) as I can scare easily and those were a bit too much for me, apart from that, it was hilarious from the start to the end. It involves a village girl who leaves her local village area for the more exciting University shores in Lagos. Unfortunately, her parents don’t provide her with any means to live and eat so she takes matters into her own hands.

the reason I like this film is because the quality of the film and the way the film is put together. It just exudes quality. It is a film that makes me proud of where the Nigerian film industry has come from. It is about childhood friends, Abeni and Akanni who are from different social backgrounds. Their differences in culture causes them to lose touch and later become reconnected as adults. Only Akanni is engaged to be married to someone else.
If you are interested in watching it, part one is here –

Madam Dearest
Madam Dearest is a film I loved because the story line was actually well thought through and there was a high standard of acting and production. A married couple who have no children live together as normal. The husband goes out one day and gets drunk. On his way home, he stops to help someone who has been hit by a car. In his drunken state, he takes the patient to the hospital, unaware he died in his car. The story unfolds from there.

Until Next Time
Memoirs Of A Yoruba Girl

Book Review: Gifted Hands By Ben Carson


Hey there

Another book review for you all. Amazon kindle has been feeding my book addiction. If you don’t know about Kindle books, I think its time to upgrade ASAP.

I watched the film adaptation of this book, which I really enjoyed, so I decided to buy it and have a read through.

The book is an autobiography of Mr Ben Carson and details his journey from child hood through to some of his world famous surgeries. Mr Ben Carson is famous for performing one of the first surgeries to separate two conjoined twins.

I think this story is particularly amazing because of all the small ways you see God was involved in guiding him right from the beginning. Mr Carson knew from a very a young age that he wanted to be a doctor and his life experiences growing up helped to develop, strengthen and hone in on that skills he would need to perform this role.

His is very quick to acknowledge the role his mother played into shaping him into the person that he is today. His mother was not very educated, but she disciplined him and his elder brother by limiting them to I believe 1 programme on TV a week. Like seriously? They would also have to write reports on books they read in the library and would have to submit reports to their mum.

My Review:  9/10

I really enjoyed this book and would definitely consider reading something else he has authored.  The story itself is very inspiring and really shows what hard work, discipline, a good mother but most of all, having God in life can do for your future. Mr Carson’s life was definitely not perfect and he most definitely had the odds stacked against him, coming from a disadvantaged background, in a time where racism was still very prevalent in America and African Americans were viewed a second class citizens. If he could go through that to go to Harvard and become a world famous Doctor, I don’t think we really have any valid excuses to be honest :,-/

I probably sound like a one track record as I love all the books I review on my blog but I would definitely encourage you to read this one, it’s not even that expensive on Amazon. Reading someone’s account of their life story and seeing how God works things out in the bigger picture is a really great way to pick yourself up out of a rut and is a good way to encourage yourself to do whatever it is that you want to do.

Until next time

Memoirs of a Yoruba Girl


Book Review: The Chronicles Of Brothers By Wendy Alec

Hey there

This is a review on a series of books I read under the collective title of The Chronicles of Brothers. The book series is Christian fiction (also described as fantasy fiction) and is based on Lucifer, angel Michael and angel Gabriel as the focal characters. It begins from when Lucifer was still an angel in heaven through to his rebellion and expulsion from heaven and right through to Armageddon. The series currently has 4 books. There are still three to be written (I think) so the series isn’t yet complete. The story is fictionalised but is based on biblical facts of things that have happened and things that are yet to happen.

Of the four available books, I have read the 1st “The Fall of Lucifer”, the 2nd “The First Judgement” and the 3rd “Son of Perdition”. I will be shortly purchasing the 4th “A Pale Horse”.

The author, Wendy Alec is the co-founder of the God TV channels. The books will also be turned in movies though this is still in the early stages.

My Review

Wendy Alec’s descriptive language is mind blowing. The words she uses to describe the characters and the situations is second to none and it transports you right into the story. There are a few stories running parallel to each other within the series. The stories are both easy to follow as individual stories and the way the two stories are later intertwined is seamless.

I will agree that the front cover illustrations, especially on the 3rd and 4th book may not be to everybody’s taste, I like how they tie in with the main points within the story. I picked up the 1st book from a bookstore and the other two from Amazon/eBay. I will be picking up the fourth from there as well.

From a Christian perspective, its really nice to get a story which gives a “behind the scenes” view of what was going on before the fall of man and in the run up to “end times” – of course it is fiction but even still. The language Wendy Alec uses really resonates and through her descriptive language you see yourself in the story and can really identify with it. From a literary point of view, the books will have you hooked from cover to and cover and scrambling to purchase the next one. I would recommend these books as I thoroughly enjoyed them and will definitely read them again.

I have been reading a lot of Amazon kindle books of late and will soon review those as well.

Any comments? Drop them in the box below, 🙂

Review: The Bible Series

I finished watching the History Channel’s bible series today and I found it to be really enjoyable, so I decided to do a review on it. It was made extremely well; there was great attention to detail. The characters and their portrayals were very realistic, so I was able to believe to story and empathise with the characters. The story was fiddled with quite a bit, so some of the stories are unrecognisable at some points within the series. The series is not yet out the UK, but will be coming over here to Channel 5 :-/ , in autumn 2013, so look forward to that.

The Wikipedia description of the series
The Bible is a television miniseries based on the Bible. It is produced by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett and was broadcast weekly between March 3 and March 31, 2013 on History. Burnett, best known for producing prime-time hit reality shows, considers the scripted 10-hour series to be the “most important” project he has undertaken. The project was conceived by Burnett and Downey, who are married, after watching Cecil B. DeMille’s version of The Ten Commandments for the first time since childhood.
The series is Mark Burnett’s first scripted project. In addition to Burnett and Downey, executive producers include Richard Bedser and History’s Dirk Hoogstra and Julian P. Hobbs. The first episode of the mini-series was seen by 13.1 million viewers, the largest cable television audience of 2013 to date. The second installment continued “to deliver blockbuster ratings” for the network, attracting 10.8 million viewers. The third installment on March 17, 2013 was once again the No. 1 show on all of Sunday night television with 10.9 million total viewers. In addition, the series garnered 4.2 million adults 25–54 and 3.5 million adults 18–49. In total, with subsequent airings, ‘The Bible’ has been seen by more than 95 million viewers.

Good Points
The attention to detail was really amazing. The picture they were able to create, from the beginning, right up to the end was excellent. I enjoyed watching how the directors and producers decide to portray the characters
I really enjoyed that the directors uses people of all nationalities to portray the characters and it was nice to see a few British actors who were recognisable (UK in the house!).

Nonso Diobi who plays Samson

Kierston Waering (From Eastenders!) As Delilah

Sharon Duncan Brewster (Lucas’s Wife from Eastenders!) as Samson’s mother

Bad Points
The stories used within the series were adapted for screen play and so the directors took creative license, sometimes altering the stories a great deal from the original, which I think is a dangerous thing to do. As a Christian, I was able to watch the series and decide which parts was true and which parts had been “played with”. But I feel if someone who was not a Christian came along to watch the series, they would have a wrong idea of the stories. I learnt that the directors went to great lengths to ensure to have their scripts checked by people, who should know the stories well enough. In light of that, I must admit it is worrying that pastors looked at some the stories and said they were OK.

It was also extremely graphic in places. I do understand that this was how things were, and it did help to make things more real. The series had me jumping, squirming and almost turning my head in places (couldn’t miss the good bits though). It just means it may be unsuitable for people who are somewhat squeamish or for very young children.

I also feel the series also skipped some important and pivotal stories in the bible itself, like the story of Jacob and Esau, the story of Joseph, the story of Solomon. I do however understand the difficult of trying to condense the whole bible into 10 episodes

Any Favourite Parts
There are a few but I especially liked that Samson had dreadlocks and was black. The way the character of Samson looked can and is always debated, but it was nice to see a different portrayal of him to what we are usually presented with.

Nonso Anozie!

I will give the Bible series a 7/10. I would have scored it higher, but I just don’t agree with playing with Bible stories to the extent that they did. Overall, I would recommend you to watch it (if you can), it’s very engaging, just make sure you read your bible before and after!

Additional Points
I’ve lifted the main bits that were fiddled with from Wikipedia, though I did notice more myself
1.Noah’s sons are depicted as boys in the series instead of grown, married men(Gen 7:13)
2.Noah’s ark was shown with many windows, when in the Bible the ark only had one window (Gen 6:16, 8:6)
3.In the printed Bible, the angelic visitors were approached by Lot who insisted that they stay with him. Then they feasted with Lot in his home. The series shows the angels approaching Lot, begging for help. No hospitality is extended to them.(Gen 19:1-5)
4.The printed Bible describes a male mob gathered outside of Lot’s home wanting to have intercourse with his two angelic visitors. The series ignores this and gives the viewer no indication that homosexuality was even practiced in Sodom (Gen 19:1-5)
5.At the destruction of Sodom, the series inaccurately shows the angels slaughtering some of the city’s inhabitants. Critics refer to these as “Ninja Angels”. This is not in the Bible. (Gen 19:1-17)

(check the Ninja Angels though)

The “Ninja” Angels

The Ninja Angels About To Go Crazy On Sodom

6.The series shows Abraham traveling with Isaac, a very short distance to the place where he was to sacrifice his son. In the Bible it is a three day journey and the two are accompanied by a donkey and two attendants. (Gen 22:1-4)
7.The series inaccurately shows Sarah running after Abraham once she realizes he is going to sacrifice Isaac. This is not in the Bible.(Gen 22:1-19)
8.In the Binding of Isaac, the printed Bible describes a ram (adult) caught by its horns in a thicket, not a juvenile lamb caught by its leg (Gen 22:13)
9.After David’s affair with Bathsheba and the killing of Uriah the Hittite, he is confronted by Nathan. The series shows David as resistant or even indignant, where in the printed Bible David simply admits his guilt and later is believed to have written Psalm 51 in response which begs forgiveness from God (2 Sam 12:13, Ps 51)
10.When the Babylonians destroy Jerusalem, Jeremiah is depicted as escaping unnoticed by the invaders. In the print Bible Jeremiah is captured, bound in chains and later released (Jer 40:1)
11.The show depicts Daniel and his three compatriots being captured during the siege, when in fact, they were deported more than a decade before Jerusalem’s destruction (Daniel 1; 2 Kings 24:10-16)
12.When Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refuse to worship King Nebuchadnezzar’s golden statue, the TV series shows them tied up and a fire lit under them. However, in the Holy Bible, the king orders the three thrown into a furnace already heated seven times hotter than usual, so hot that the “strong soldiers” who threw them in where killed by the heat and flames while doing so. (Daniel 3)
13.The TV series depicts the prophet Isaiah as a contemporary of Daniel during the Babylonian exile. This becomes problematic when Isaiah makes the prophecy that Cyrus the Persian would release the captives after a period of time. In the written Bible, Isaiah made this prophecy 150 years before Cyrus was born, 180 years before Cyrus performed any of these feats (and he did, eventually, perform them all), and 80 years before the Jews were taken into exile.The real Bible’s version is much more miraculous. (Isaiah 44:28; 45:1; and 45:13).
14.It was Darius the Mede, not Cyrus the Persian who had Daniel thrown into the lions den(Dan 5:31-6:1, 6:16)
15.For the Nativity, the wise men are depicted as visiting the baby Jesus as a newborn, at the same time as the shepherds, where as the Bible suggests the wise men came about two years later[38] (Mat 2:9, 2:16)
16.In the Bible account of the Temptation, the Devil took Jesus to a pinnacle of the temple when he tempted Jesus to throw himself down, not a high mountain. It was on a mountain that the Devil tempted Jesus to worship him. (Matthew 4:1-11 and Luke 4:1-13)

Last Bit (I promise)
The character of satan in the series has been said to look like U.S President Obama (Uh oh). Decide for yourself


Stay Blessed

Four Kornerz!

Since I’m still logged in, might as well bring the grand total of blog posts for today to three and you know what they say….good things come in threes!

Well I first found out about this AMAZING neo-soul, UK gospel group at a Festival Of Life, NXGN, before they shut it down due to the violence , 😦

They sang Gonna make it and a More than conquerors and some other songs. All I remeber is after hearing them , I was hooked! I believe there album was the 1st album I actually purchased. The album is titled “Soulectric” and it came out in 2007 (how time flys)
Its been a good 3/4 years (if not more) since I purchased the album , and its still as new (to me) as when I first heard them!
They have a unique jazz, soul type of sound, its difficult to describe. I dont think its everyday you find four brothers who can all sing and harmonise pretty well with each AND play instruments (guys and instruments!).

My favourite tracks on this album are…. More than conquerors, cry no more, soul flower and turn it up. Well all the songs are my favourite, these are just my favourite favourites!

Great song for just before bed!

Rating: 9 out of 10 , theres nothing else I can say about it that I havent already

So, if you were looking for a gospel album to buy , buy this one!
I’m actually done for today now, LOL

Goodnight, xx

Review: Why Did I Get Married?

I’m back! With a rather random post!

The post is a review/discussion/vent on and about the film. I guess its not really a review, because its an old film (2007) and everyones seen it already.I’ve watched it on more than one occasion and I guess this is my chance to vent about some of the characters in the infamous film.

Just in case anyone hasn’t seen it, LOL, heres a short description from The Internet about the film

“Dr. Patricia Agnew, a psychologist, has written a best seller about marriage: hers and those of three other couples who together take a week’s vacation each year to ask themselves, “Why did I get married?” It’s time for one of those weeks, and all four relationships are strained: Patricia and her husband Gavin have the shadow of grief between them; Terry believes that Diane has abandoned him for her work; Angela, who’s built a successful business, belittles her husband Marcus, who works for her; Mike is cruel to Sheila, his religious, overweight wife. During the week, each person’s secret comes out. Will these marriages survive?

Whenever I watch it, some of characters actually get me mad! Thank God its only a film, LOL

Well, on to the cast

from Left To Right
1st Couple – Tyler Perry and Sharon Leal AKA Terry and Diane
2nd Couple – Janet Jackson and Malik Yoba AKA Patricia and Gavin
3rd Couple – Jill Scott and Richard T. Scott AKA Sheila and Mike
Lady In Brown – Denise Boutte AKA Trina
4th Couple – Tasha Smith and Michael J.White AKA Angela and Marcus

Okay, thats all the introductions out of the way. Throughout the course of the film , I think there are lots of interesting things we can learn about the couples.

1st Couple – Terry and Diane , are a professional couple, both have well paying jobs and have a daughter (Kenya). Diane is a lawyer and Terry is a Doctor of some sort. My guess here is that Diane is getting paid more money than Terry , and she must be in her own or another world to not notice the massive problem in her marriage. Diane neglects husband and doesnt want to have any more kids , due to career and gets tubes tied doesnt tell husband #Shock!! (You can’t do that!). The lesson I feel you learn from this couple is summarised in this line from Terry
“Diane , when you get married you give up the I’s for us , OK? You dont make those kind of decisions without talking to me!”
Things must be bad because Terry gets DNA test on daughter and doesn’t tell wife #hmm, all these secrets.

2nd Couple – Patricia and Gavin. Well this couple had a little son, who passed away on account of a mistake made by Patricia about buckling her son into the baby seat. Throughout the film, I think its obvious they still love each other but they haven’t dealt with their grief. This marriage does eventually break up (why did I get married too) and I think Patricia is to blame, 😦 .

3rd Couple – Sheila and Mike. Mike gets me soo mad! Just outright disrespect for his wife. Sheila invites her “so called” best friend along to the couples retreat not knowing she’s sleeping with her own husband. In the end Sheila and Mike get divorced and Sheila remarries,(that’s a theological discussion for another day). Theres a couple of thing however, that Mike does that are unforgivable, the main one being when Sheila, Trina and Mike are on the plane and someone basically complains about Sheilas weight to the flight attendants (embarassing) Instead of her “so called” husband to defend, he agrees and tells her to drive, tut tut. Lessons here , the “80/20” rule, summarised nicely below:

4th Couple – Marcus and Angela. There’s nothing to be said about the couple except these people are BOTH very crazy and must really love each other to still be together, lesson to be learnt, never ever be or marry someone with that level of craziness!

Well that’s the review, I’d rate this film a 5.5/6 out of 10 , because it is a good educative film with lots of highs and lows, and lots of laughs, but I can’t justify giving it a higher rating if I compare it to some other films I’ve seen before. If you haven’t watched it, now you have a reason to!

Something rather funny I found while doing a little research on the cast members, I came across a picture of Walter, the man that Angela cheated on her husband with and caught an STI from which she then gave to her husband.

LOL, Angela why did you do it?

Enjoy your day, xxxx

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