You need some honey in your life! ASAP!

Happy New year! I would just like to take this time to thank you for visiting today and every other time. I hope this post meets you well and I pray you will have an amazing year!


This blog post is dedicated to honey. I have been so astounded by how well it works, I had to share how I felt with someone! I have been using honey to cleanse my face for the last two months or so. It is hands down the best facial cleaner I have EVER used! It is amazing because it really cleanses your face without leaving your skin feeling stripped. It is very mild but works. I can attest to this fact after not having any (or significantly less) t zone spots since around when I started using honey. BTW I would normally get t zone spots once every week or two weeks.

At present, I use honey once a day, in the morning. I apply and massage it into my face and let it sit while I shower. After I finish, I rinse it with very lukewarm water and voila! I’ll then moisturise etc as usual.

As you may or may not know I favour natural products. I have used Ose Dudu osun (which actually contains honey!) for the longest time to bathe and wash my face (I reviewed it here! ). I was happy and I still use it to bathe but I was aware the Ose Dudu Osun was really drying my face out. I had tried a number of other facial cleansers that I felt they were still drying out my face and leaving it too tight.

A post or something out of a book by Dephne Madyra (check her out on YouTube) is what prompted my decision to try some honey.

Honey gently removes dirt and impurities without stripping the skin of natural oils. Foaming cleansers and soaps frequently strip the skin of these protective oils and cause the skin to overproduce oil.
The natural antibacterial and probiotic properties of raw honey effectively reduce breakouts and prevent new acne. It balances oily skin and moisturizes dry skin. (


I stand by this as being the best ever facial cleaner I have EVER used! I hope you will feel the same.

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