What the UK Football Premiership Teaches Us About Life

Well , it’s the time of year where the race for premiership cup glory reaches a head.


As a semi football novice (which means I get the game and how it works but I’m not a die hard fan), over the past two/three football seasons, I have learnt some rather interesting life lessons from the beautiful game which I shall share below.

1.People only want you when you have something to offer – two seasons ago, I’m sure many an arsenal fan (and other clubs too) were quick to call for a replacement for the long serving Mr.Arsene Wenger. Fast forward two seasons later, I’m sure the same few are now worshipping the ground he walks on.

2. A real friend sticks closer than a brother – arsenal fans suffered a lot of torment at the hands of other club supporters. They choose to rough it out and stick by their team, through the thick and thin. That’s what a real friend does.

3.You can never predict tomorrow – this time last year Man.U were basking in glory, thinking they were undefeatable. However , it seems the mighty may have taken a tumble as they have lost to clubs they wouldn’t have glanced at previously (from a football semi novice, that means something). Take a chance, tomorrow may just be your day.

4. The people that don’t like you are happy to bring up your mistakes if you are doing well – again arsenal fans may know a little about this though I think Man.U are on the receiving end this year.

5.You know your real friends by the people that stick around when things get rough – I believe this is applicable to all die hard football fans who wouldn’t dream of switching sides, no matter how terrible things get. Real friends will be around when life gets ugly (well they should be)

These are simply observations from a semi football novice and I think I’m pretty close to the truth.


Do you agree?

Until next time
Memoirs Of A Yoruba Girl


About Memoirs Of A Yoruba Girl

A Londoner rooted in Yoruba culture exploring life behind her personal lenses

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