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Book Review: Gifted Hands By Ben Carson


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Another book review for you all. Amazon kindle has been feeding my book addiction. If you don’t know about Kindle books, I think its time to upgrade ASAP.

I watched the film adaptation of this book, which I really enjoyed, so I decided to buy it and have a read through.

The book is an autobiography of Mr Ben Carson and details his journey from child hood through to some of his world famous surgeries. Mr Ben Carson is famous for performing one of the first surgeries to separate two conjoined twins.

I think this story is particularly amazing because of all the small ways you see God was involved in guiding him right from the beginning. Mr Carson knew from a very a young age that he wanted to be a doctor and his life experiences growing up helped to develop, strengthen and hone in on that skills he would need to perform this role.

His is very quick to acknowledge the role his mother played into shaping him into the person that he is today. His mother was not very educated, but she disciplined him and his elder brother by limiting them to I believe 1 programme on TV a week. Like seriously? They would also have to write reports on books they read in the library and would have to submit reports to their mum.

My Review:  9/10

I really enjoyed this book and would definitely consider reading something else he has authored.  The story itself is very inspiring and really shows what hard work, discipline, a good mother but most of all, having God in life can do for your future. Mr Carson’s life was definitely not perfect and he most definitely had the odds stacked against him, coming from a disadvantaged background, in a time where racism was still very prevalent in America and African Americans were viewed a second class citizens. If he could go through that to go to Harvard and become a world famous Doctor, I don’t think we really have any valid excuses to be honest :,-/

I probably sound like a one track record as I love all the books I review on my blog but I would definitely encourage you to read this one, it’s not even that expensive on Amazon. Reading someone’s account of their life story and seeing how God works things out in the bigger picture is a really great way to pick yourself up out of a rut and is a good way to encourage yourself to do whatever it is that you want to do.

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