Feels Good To Be Back

Hey everyone

Feels good to be back post exam! University is done, we thank the Lord God

So in light of my new change in status, I’ve decided to bring a few new things to the beloved blog

Firstly, I’ve decided I will start reviewing products, especially hair products (woop woop!). As a natural haired person, the world of hair products can be a little hard, confusing and even downright dangerous (LOL) if you don’t know what you are doing. Product reviews can be really helpful when deciding what products to buy and which to steer clear from. I have resorted to Google many a time myself in search of product reviews, sometimes finding them and other times having little luck. As I said, they will be mostly hair product reviews, but expect reviews about other things too!

I’ve also decide to start some book/program/film reviews, just because I can, 😉
I feel it’s nice to be able to get another persons view on a book they have read or a programme/film they watched.

I am also hoping to start a little series on the history of the beautiful country that is Nigeria. I’m somewhat biased to Nigeria and very patriotic, but sometimes, I’ll admit there can be gaps in my knowledge of Nigerian history. So I hope to educate both myself and you guys through this.

Lastly (for now) I will hopefully be writing a little about body/hair and food products from a health perspective. A lot of our mainstream items contain ingredients that we can’t even pronounce, talk less of deciding on what they are, so I hope to shed some light, for both myself and you guys on this.

And of course, the random posts shall remain, 🙂

This is plan for now; I hope you guys will join me for the journey that will no doubt educate both me and you

Stay Blessed


About Memoirs Of A Yoruba Girl

A Londoner rooted in Yoruba culture exploring life behind her personal lenses

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