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Me…Today, On The 25th July 2012

Hey There

It feels good to be writing again. I’ve missed my baby “MemoirsOfAYorubaGirl”. Its actually funny how much this blog has become a part of me. I hope this post meets you in peace and I hope you are enjoying the turmoil of English summer nights.

Just going to talk a little bit about where I am at the moment. As a christian, I feel God is fully in charge of my life and how things happen. I believe this, sincerly, but it is another thing entirely to believe this in action. In the past few months, I have noticed a few things in and around my life that are pointing to some things and tying them together.

1st thing – I really feel God is trying to tell me (and whoever else may be reading this) that I should not think less of my talents/skills or whatever I am good at. God has given them to me for a purpose. I have been sitting under the voice of people, seeing and reading things that have been inspiring me. There are soo many people amazing talented people around me, doing amzing stuff. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in that and take a backseat. Its soo easy to downgrade myself, because I share a talent with someone else. God is not interested in someone else when hes dealing with me. He deals with us all as individuals. That means if he gave me a talent to sing (for example), God is interested in how I will use my voice for his glory. Even if I am in a choir, giving a group performance, God is still looking at me individually. This has and is still challenging to take myself and my crafts seriously

2nd thing – I feel like I am just at the tip of the iceberg here. I feel God is starting to teach me some things about freedom in Christ. Some words/terms become so ‘cliche’ed and can lose their meaning. I am starting to learn that when Jesus said “it is finished”, it actually was. That was when I was justified, full stop. That means there is NOTHING I can do, that will make God love me more. This is easy and hard to understand at the same time. It means my works (praying, reading my bible and etc) are filty rags if I am trying to use them to make myself right with God. This is one of those things that I understand in my own mind (kinda), hopefully it makes some sense here!

I pray God fully teaches me what he wants me to learn, and I hope he teaches you
what you need. Most importantly , I pray God will help us to LEARN what he is teaching!

Goodnight and God bless You
Peace and Love


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