Yoo, welcome to the place to be!

Sunshine!! Ive been nicely getting tanned and enjoying ice cream these past few days. I promised myself at the start of the “heatwave” that I WOULDNT complain about the weather. Have you ever noticed that weather is the main thing that English people , people that live in England like to talk about? Doesnt matter the weather, we are never satisifed, always complaining.”Its too hot”, “Its too cold”, “Its raining”, “Its hailing”, “theres lightening” and etc.

I was thinking about it, Gods must not know what to do with us. We say its too cold, so he brings sunshine. We say its too hot, he brings rain. We say its too wet, He says forget it and gives us more sunshine, LOL

A nice random view I saw today in town, a bit different, wouldnt do this myself but its cool all the same. And to whoever it was getting married, happy married life (even thought you’ll probably never know you made it on to my blog) and you picked a very good day to get married ,(Y)



About Memoirs Of A Yoruba Girl

A Londoner rooted in Yoruba culture exploring life behind her personal lenses

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