Currently Trending On My Ipod/HTC Music Player

Hello again

just wanted to share with you a couple of songs Ive had on CONSTANT repeat for the past few days/weeks

Number One

The song is by my favourite lady – ASA!

I think shes pretty amazing, full stop. this song is off her second album Beautiful Imperfection and its called “Why Can’t We”. It has a summery feel to it , its a happy song. heres the youtube link:

(just found out theres a vid @ 7:54pm)

Number Two
The second song thats been on constant repeat, especially more recently, is by a group called “The Winans”. The Winans are from the massive Gospel family , The Winans. This song is off their album Heart and soul.

What a 90’s album!. Every song on there (that Ive heard) has 90’s written all over it. Even the album cover is just 90’s. The 90’s were a good time though. The song trending for me off the album at the moment (amongst others) is called “Universal Love”. I just like the RnB sound it has. Heres the link below:

Peace and Love


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  1. Do a review of FOREVER JONES! They are amaaaazingggggg

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