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Currently Trending On My Ipod/HTC Music Player

Hello again

just wanted to share with you a couple of songs Ive had on CONSTANT repeat for the past few days/weeks

Number One

The song is by my favourite lady – ASA!

I think shes pretty amazing, full stop. this song is off her second album Beautiful Imperfection and its called “Why Can’t We”. It has a summery feel to it , its a happy song. heres the youtube link:

(just found out theres a vid @ 7:54pm)

Number Two
The second song thats been on constant repeat, especially more recently, is by a group called “The Winans”. The Winans are from the massive Gospel family , The Winans. This song is off their album Heart and soul.

What a 90’s album!. Every song on there (that Ive heard) has 90’s written all over it. Even the album cover is just 90’s. The 90’s were a good time though. The song trending for me off the album at the moment (amongst others) is called “Universal Love”. I just like the RnB sound it has. Heres the link below:

Peace and Love

Free Music

Blog Family

just a short post, so the blog doesnt get lonely (blows imaginary dust). Me (along with whoever uses Virtual DJ) may get the random impulse to make a mix once in a while… today was one of those days for me.

LOL, was looking through my hard drive and saw some random mixes I had made, so I decided that the best use for them would be sharing them with EVERYONE!

Soo, feel free to download and listen.

Please note/Disclaimer/Warning
I didnt write any of the songs in the mixes,the songs arent mine, I simply put them in my mixes! they are by various gospel artists mostly from the UK (cant remember all the individual names)

if you want the name of any of the songs, let me know , and I’ll do my best to find it and if while listening to the songs , you wonder to yourself “why did she mix it like that”….. its because I can , 🙂

Peace and Love AND happy rainy days!

Mix Number One:

Mix Number Two:

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