Four Kornerz!

Since I’m still logged in, might as well bring the grand total of blog posts for today to three and you know what they say….good things come in threes!

Well I first found out about this AMAZING neo-soul, UK gospel group at a Festival Of Life, NXGN, before they shut it down due to the violence , 😦

They sang Gonna make it and a More than conquerors and some other songs. All I remeber is after hearing them , I was hooked! I believe there album was the 1st album I actually purchased. The album is titled “Soulectric” and it came out in 2007 (how time flys)
Its been a good 3/4 years (if not more) since I purchased the album , and its still as new (to me) as when I first heard them!
They have a unique jazz, soul type of sound, its difficult to describe. I dont think its everyday you find four brothers who can all sing and harmonise pretty well with each AND play instruments (guys and instruments!).

My favourite tracks on this album are…. More than conquerors, cry no more, soul flower and turn it up. Well all the songs are my favourite, these are just my favourite favourites!

Great song for just before bed!

Rating: 9 out of 10 , theres nothing else I can say about it that I havent already

So, if you were looking for a gospel album to buy , buy this one!
I’m actually done for today now, LOL

Goodnight, xx


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  1. Agreed!!! A friend gave me those songs, and I have never stopped playing it.

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