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Hey Everyone

Happy wednesday! hope the week has been good so far. Im just here listening to my iPod on shuffle.
Last time i was here, I put up my story, “The Love Story”. I got some pretty good feedback. So, the 2nd draft is under construction. I’ll get to it, and whens it’s done, the first place I’ll put it is here! 🙂

Anyway, I was at work yesterday, (where I tend to be, monday to friday). There was a gap in between patient appointments, and so I was sat, relaxing, with good friend Bakes (not her real name). A work colleague came in, to just sit and join in the chat. Then we got to to talking about giving organs (random, I know). So I was confronted with the question would I give up an organ to someone who needed it, not necessarily a family member. Hmmmm good question. I admit I was on the fence, but leaning towards giving up the organ. Simply because if the shoe was on the other foot , I would want someone to give theirs up for me. But theeeenn, I’m Nigerian, and its not something that most Nigerians I know talk about, let alone consider.

Then work colleague (who is a muslim) chips in, do I believe in judgement day. Being a Christian, I say yes. He replies, if you gave up your organs, you would get to heaven missing a piece or two (rolls eyes). Hmmmmm. I don’t buy that, I argued that once a person dies and is buried , everything decomposes, so theres no relation.

Anyway, I just thought over it some more and wondered, how come people of black african/carribean descent are less likely to give up an organ? What are your thoughts on this? Lemme Know! xxxx

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  1. I reckon its bcz we don’t talk about it as much so we don’t ever consider the fact that it could happen to us or someone else until we are actually in the situation (as you)…as they say ignorance is bliss but it sure isn’t if you are on the receiving end of it!

  2. Hmmm…..I have thought about it off and on but never really made up my mind if i’ll be willing to donate a kidney or part of my liver for someone who is not in my immediate family….i guess my take excuse is kinda ‘why go through the pain for someone else?’ but then as I’m writing this, I just thougt ‘isn’t that exactly what Christ did for us?’….but yeahhh…..i won’t even necessarily go out to give blood…lol! Maybe it’s one of those ‘out of sight, out of mind’ things.

  3. Hey, I agree with you guys comments. I think Its to do with ignorance and lack of exposure within our culture on the matter which is a shame. However, I’m glad people are now raising more awareness.

  4. I’m gonna be very controversial and say the black ppl against organ donation are just being stupid. Black people suffer the MOST from lack of organ donations. White ppl’s organs are not as good a match for black ppl. Worse yet, we’re the ones far more likely to need organs eg kidneys than white ppl as diabetes is a very ‘black’ condition (yea I said it). If you dont donate, ur only doing yourself. chikena!

  5. well done for raising awareness btw. Thank you! And keep spreading the word to all the ignoramuses out there

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