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On My Usb!

Guess whos back back back, back again?

hey people , how you all been? well, I was at work going through my usb, it turns out I’ve been writing a little longer that I originally thought. I found a story I wrote in April 2008. I originally wrote this story while I was in college for a college magazine , but it never made it in , :(. Anyway, I had a read through it, corrected a few minor errors but I kept everything the same , so excuse some of the cheesy lines and generally cheesiness, LOL. Well here it is , College Life (Part 1):

College Life (Part 1)
6:30am: ~RRRIIINNNGGG~, I groaned inwardly. My phone alarm just went off, and I had to get up for college. Maybe if I slept for 10 more minutes? So I pressed the snooze button, happy to go back to bed.

6:40am: my alarm went off again. I dragged myself out if bed and into the bathroom. I turned on the hot water tap so I could have my bath. I sat on the edge of the bath and looked into my mirror, Oh My Gosh! I looked horrible; I had mascara smeared all over my eyes and makeup all over my face. I was baffled, wondering why I went to bed with makeup before I remembered Stanley’s phone call.

7:00am: after a nice long bath, I came into my room looking for my cocoa butter lotion. It was almost a necessity for every day. I found it nestled among some clothes I had been meaning to wash for the past few days. Tutting at my own behaviour, I picked up the lotion and decided to start creaming my face

7:10am: standing in front of my wardrobe, I raked through the rows, looking for something to wear. I hated this part of morning as I could never decide what to wear to college. My hand brushed over a yellow shirt in my rows and rows of colours. I took it and looked it over. It was a really unique type of top and was a really nice at that, how come I didn’t wear this more often? Then I remembered where I got the top from and quickly shoved it in the back of my wardrobe

7:20am: feeling quite contented with myself, I looked myself over in the mirror once more. My white top was fresh, clean and fitted in all the right places. My boy cut jeans low riding so my girl boxers showed ever so slightly at my waist. My black air forces looked fresh (as I had just bought them on the weekend) and the laces looked good after begging my brother to do them up in the cool way only he knew how. After checking the mirror and feeling pleased with what I saw, I went downstairs in my house to have some breakfast

7:25am: after having a look in the cupboard and seeing how empty it was I decided that I would have toast for breakfast. That was until I went to the bread bin and noticed that the bread had green mould like things growing out of it. I decided I could do with out breakfast for the day and picked my bag and left the house

7:30am: walking down the street, I felt surprisingly happy in spite of my lack of breakfast. The weather was nice and warm; the sun was shining on me, melting away any goose bumps that I had. I cast my mind back to yesterday when Stanley called me.
‘’ I don’t believe you Mariah!’’
‘’Stanley, why you acting like this?’’
‘’Ri Ri, my friends told me they saw you yesterday with that guy from up your ends’’
’Yeah but Stanley, I already told you that he’s my friend from way back’’
‘’Well whatever Ri Ri, my boys already told me about you from day and now I see they were right init”
‘’what you mean your boys told you about me?’’
‘’that’s minor now, anyway , this relationship is not moving Ri Ri, so I’m locking it yeah’’
‘’Stanley!! After da amount of tym we’ve been together you’re lockin me off because of your boys? Forget you then!!


8:00am: I had reached the bus stop and I didn’t even notice that tears had started falling from my eyes. I had to put Stanley out of my mind and get on with my life. The bus pulled up at the stop and I got on, putting my oyster on the reader. I went upstairs and sat down. I took out my ipod and put on my favourite song.

8:20am: the bus was kind of empty apart from a few daily commuters sitting in the bus. The bus stopped at a stop and so many school students came into the bus. I groaned inwardly, knowing my peaceful morning had just gone out the window.

8:30am: I turned up my ipod to drown out the noise levels that were suddenly very high. I looked around the bus, when I noticed I was being watched by someone who I didn’t notice getting on the bus. I looked back again, thinking I was mistaken. HE still looked at me not even trying to hide it at all. I caught his eye again and he gave me the cutest of smiles. I smiled back and turned around. I blushed inwardly, what was my stomach doing? It felt a like small circus or something!

8:40am: the bus pulled up at my bus stop and I got up to get off the bus. I felt a bit sad thinking I wouldn’t see my very handsome friend again. I didn’t to bother to look up and walked off the bus. I walked leisurely as I was early for college. I walked along the pavement when I realised someone was trying to get my attention. I looked back and was very surprised to see my very handsome friend from the bus. My heart nearly skipped a beat, when he started walking next to me and introduced himself.
• ‘’hey, my names Reqain’’
Reqain? Mmm, A handsome name for handsome man.
‘’Thank you’’
• ‘’Did I say that aloud? Woops!’’
• ‘’Its Kool’’
• ‘’What did you say your name was?
For a few seconds I forgot what my name was
‘’My names Mariah but ppl call me Ri Ri’’
• ‘’Ri Ri? Sounds nice, where u from?’’
If I hadn’t checked my mobile I wouldn’t have noticed I had 2 minutes to get to my class
• ‘’Reqain, im sorry but ive got to go, Bye!’’

I didn’t even notice him calling me name in the background as I sped off to lesson, trying to not be late to the same teacher’s lesson again. Well at least I knew Reqain came to this college so I would probably run into him again. Trying to cool myself off I opened the classroom door, I walked into the classroom and took a seat.

(Until next time!!!!)

Have A Heart?

Hey Everyone

Happy wednesday! hope the week has been good so far. Im just here listening to my iPod on shuffle.
Last time i was here, I put up my story, “The Love Story”. I got some pretty good feedback. So, the 2nd draft is under construction. I’ll get to it, and whens it’s done, the first place I’ll put it is here! 🙂

Anyway, I was at work yesterday, (where I tend to be, monday to friday). There was a gap in between patient appointments, and so I was sat, relaxing, with good friend Bakes (not her real name). A work colleague came in, to just sit and join in the chat. Then we got to to talking about giving organs (random, I know). So I was confronted with the question would I give up an organ to someone who needed it, not necessarily a family member. Hmmmm good question. I admit I was on the fence, but leaning towards giving up the organ. Simply because if the shoe was on the other foot , I would want someone to give theirs up for me. But theeeenn, I’m Nigerian, and its not something that most Nigerians I know talk about, let alone consider.

Then work colleague (who is a muslim) chips in, do I believe in judgement day. Being a Christian, I say yes. He replies, if you gave up your organs, you would get to heaven missing a piece or two (rolls eyes). Hmmmmm. I don’t buy that, I argued that once a person dies and is buried , everything decomposes, so theres no relation.

Anyway, I just thought over it some more and wondered, how come people of black african/carribean descent are less likely to give up an organ? What are your thoughts on this? Lemme Know! xxxx

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